Packing & Labor Services

Packing & Labor Services:

Our comprehensive packing and labor services offer you peace of mind during your move. Let the experts take care of your valuable possessions.


The process of packing boxes and fragile items can often induce stress and concern. However, our team of extensively trained professionals handles each valuable with utmost care and attention. Recognizing that every piece of furniture is unique, we ensure that each move is approached differently. Our staff undergoes a comprehensive training course on our company’s packing and furniture wrapping procedures, guaranteeing the highest standards of care.


In all our moves, we ensure proficient loading and unloading services. Once all items in the home are securely packed and wrapped for safe transport, we commence loading the truck. Our method involves organizing items in tiers within the truck, starting with heavy furniture pieces as sturdy bases and stacking from floor to ceiling to prevent shifting during transit. Additionally, we employ strapping every 5 feet within the truck for added security.


When beginning the unloading process, our first priority is to place protective padding in necessary areas throughout the home and carefully plan the layout of each room for a seamless transition indoors. As your belongings are brought inside, your presence as a guide for our crew greatly assists us in ensuring that each individual piece is placed exactly where you prefer.

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